Review: Radial



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1530 DeKalb Ave.
Atlanta, GA 30307
(404) 659-6594


4 Stars


After hearing about this small breakfast diner with suitable entrees for vegetarians, i decided to go one morning with a good friend of mine. We arrived at 10:30 am on Monday, June 14, 2010:

As we pulled into the parking lot, the outside of the building looked similar to an old warehouse. It was kind of run down, and it had an old beat up sign towards the top reading “Radial”. We walked through a hallway and to the first door on the right hand side. A small white easel stood at the door way reading the daily specials in erasable marker.

As we walked into the restaurant, the inside looked more like an old fashioned diner. We walked into the restaurant, and the host took us to our table where he asked for our drink order. We both ordered water and a coffee. He smiled and was very polite while he served us.

The coffee was Organic, Fair-trade coffee and it was very good. It was a great cup of coffee, and my breakfast mate agreed.

Blurry Coffee is still tasty coffee !!

The dining area was small and most of the kitchen was easily visible from our table. The table arrangements were the usual sweeteners and condiments, with maple syrup in a glass bottle that had a nozzle on top that i had only seen used for olive oil until now.

As soon as we received our drinks, the waiter was ready to take our order.

My partner ordered the “American Breakfast”. It consisted of two cage-free eggs (she got over medium), Toast (wheat), and a meat (turkey sausage). She claims the eggs were cooked very well, and that the turkey sausage might just be the best she has ever had! She also got an order of cheese grits and she loved them.

Radial's "American Breakfast"
Radial's Cheese Grits

I ordered the vegan buckwheat pancakes. I asked the cook what she made them with, and she said she could not tell me the whole recipe, but it has a little AP flour, a lot of buckwheat flour, a little molasses and even some organic apple butter. It came with a side of vegan wildflower honey butter, but i did not need either it nor syrup. The pancakes were lite and fluffy and and full of sweet, yet organic flavors. I have eaten quite a few buckwheat pancakes at numerous different places, but these may have been the best i have ever had.

Vegan Buckwheat Pancakes

With a total of 2 breakfasts, extra cheese grits, two coffees, and tip, i only ended up paying about $25!

So if you are a vegetarian, a pancake fan, a turkey sausage fan, or just someone who wants a good breakfast without all of the add grease, then i would suggest to look past the run down appearance of this restaurant and that you give it a shot.

-Andrew “VegMuffinMan” Morrison-


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