Review: Journey’s



Restaurant type:

Japanese Buffet


7090 Concourse Pkwy
Douglasville, GA 30134
(678) 838-2868


1 Star

I had went online and looked up this place thinking that it would be similar to “the Journey” in Indianapolis (http://www.thejourneyi…). I must say it was nothing like i had seen on the website.

The set up was very much like that of Golden Corral or Ryan’s. Walking inside, there were kids running around and broken glass on the floor. It was noisy from the loud people and the environment in general was just not very good.

Once my family and i were situated, i went to go get my food. Looking at the buffet, i was not impressed. A large amount of the buffet was nothing but greasy fried foods. As for it being a “Sushi buffet”, there were only 5 types of sushi in the whole place! As i asked the guy making the sushi what type of sushi it was (it did not even look edible), he mearly grunted and said “you dont like it, you dont eat it”.

As i tried to get a piece of sushi that i at least recognized (avocado and cucumber), a man pushed me out of the way so he could get his food first. I was not too happy, but i ignored him and went over to the hibachi grill.(hibachi is where the guy cooks the food for you over a iron stove)

At the hibachi station of the restaurant, i told the man what i wanted to eat (hibachi-cooked vegetables). As i waited for my food to cook, several of the other customers were waiting and eating the food they had on their plates while hovering over top of the other food. Some of the food went from their mouths into the buffet food, and i found that disgusting.
So i finally got my hibachi-cooked vegetables and i took my plate back to my seat. As i ate it, it tasted very greasy and very dry.

I was not impressed with the food, the service, or the cleanliness of the restaurant.  Not to mention that i became sick about an hour after leaving this restaurant.

If you go and experience a good time at the restaurant then cool. Glad you enjoyed it. But i am not exaggerating the experience i had on Friday 4/30/2010 and i do not recommend this restaurant to anyone; especially the health conscious.


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