Review: Dr.Bombay’s


Dr.Bombay’s Underwater Tea Party

Restaurant Type:

Bakery/Tea shop


1645 MClendon Ave NE
Atlanta, GA 30307
(404) 474-1402


3 Stars


After hearing about this old bakery on yelp, I was eager to try one of their famous vegan cupcakes. Not quite a muffin, but my sweet tooth was about to jump right out of my jaw and got get a cupcake itself if I didn’t treat it to one soon. So I arrived with a friend at 11:10 am on June 14th, 2010:

We parked at radial and after breakfast, we walked over to this small tea shop to try one of the vegan cupcakes that they serve daily. The businesses around it did not look a bit run down, but we were able to find Dr.Bombay’s by the mustache sign hanging out front.

As we walked into the small room known as the lobby, books were seen stacked on shelves to the highest extent. They were only 50 cents a piece. With a wide selection, I would say that sounds like a pretty good deal. I decided not to get a book this time.

We looked at the shelf and quickly decided what we wanted. We waited for 10 min, but no one was at the counter or register. After a while, we noticed a bell on the counter. I hit the bell once, and someone from the back quickly walked up front. She had been working in the back, and hadn’t known we were there. She did not seem like she was in a good mood and she did not even say hi.

I ordered the vegan carrot cake muffin and my friend ordered the fig scone. I also ordered a tea. The owner of Dr.Bombay’s uses the earnings from most of her teas and from the book sales to help educate children in India, so I ordered a tea as well. We took our food and black tea and walked over to Inman park to eat it. The environment of the park was a bit more relaxing than the tea shop due the small space, though I did not mind it either way.

Black Tea

The vegan carrot cake cupcake was very good in my opinion. It was not overly sweet and was topped with a generous amount of vegan cream cheese with a raisin on top. The icing was a bit cold due to the cooler it had been in (the restaurant keeps them in a cooled case due to the hot temperatures it can get in there) but after a moment, it was nice and creamy. The cake was delicious and nice and moist. The black tea was also very good.

Vegan Carrot Cake Cupcake

My friend like the fig scone, but she said it wasn’t her favorite in the world. She gave me a bite, and it tasted more like a bready sugar cookie than a scone. Not quite for my taste, but she liked it.

Though this small tea shop does not have the best of service or scones, the cupcakes and tea were very good. Since that is what this place is all about, I give this place 3 stars.

If you are a vegan in need of a change from the egg and milk filled cupcakes, or just an average person in the mood for some good old fashion tea where you know the profits are going to a good cause, then I would absolutely recommend Dr.Bombay’s underwater tea shop for your sweet fix spot.

-Andrew “VegMuffinMan” Morrison-


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