Review: CafeNinteen



Restaurant Type:

Coffee shop/Cafe


265 18th Street, NW
Atlanta, GA 30363
(404) 300-3613


4 Stars


After lunch, i felt like having a good cup of coffee. I asked a cashier at a local store where i could find the best coffee in Atlantic Station, and he suggested Cafe Ninteen. We arrived on Monday, July 05, 2010 at 2:06 pm:

As we walked into the cafe, the lady at the counter greeted us with a warm smile. She was very busy, but made time to be welcoming and told us we could sit wherever we liked. We decided the patio. After a minute, a waitress came up to greet us and ask if we were ready to order. She looked out of breathe and i later found out that she was the only waitress on that shift. Though tired, she still remained cheery and welcoming and i found that comforting.

I simply ordered a cup of black coffee, and i enjoyed it very much. It was not my favorite cup in the world, but it was definably somewhere in the top twenty. I enjoyed every sip and even ordered a refill despite the fact that i normally do not drink coffee close to 3pm.

"Illy" House Coffee

As for my little brothers, they picked a cake from the glass known as “mayonnaise cake”. Mayo was cooked into it and was not tasted, but apparently made it creamy (at least, it looked like it). They enjoyed every last bite and said it was delicious. They both hate mayo, but again they both liked it.

Mayonnaise Cake

The atmosphere was great. The inside looked like an average modern coffee shop and the patio was excellent for just relaxing and people watching, though the chairs were not the most comfortable.

So if you are interested in an nice coffee shop with good coffee, or indulging in a creamy slice of cake, i would definably recommend this restaurant next time you head towards Atlantic Station.

-Andrew D. Morrison-


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