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312 N Highland Ave
Atlanta, GA 30306
(404) 221-9090


4 Stars


After receiving a 50% off coupon, my mom and I took a walk down Highland Ave. NE in search for this fancy little chocolate shop. It was hidden away behind another building, but the signs from the street directed us with ease. We arrived on Saturday, June 26th, 2010 at 2:23 pm:

As we walked into through the doors, the wide array of chocolates could be seen along the counter. The shop was small, but elegant in a way. I had read about it the night before, and the shop goes from having the cacao beans brought into the store to turning it into these delectable treats right inside the store!

They had many different items from the many assorted truffles to chocolate eggs dusted with 24K gold to hand made gelato! After looking over everything, my mom and I settled upon two truffles each. The chocolate was very dark and when I asked the lady what the percentage was, she smiled and said politely “It is usually 75%, but today we have been experimenting with some darker flavors”. Having been an organic 88% kind of guy, it was right up my alley!

(I know I am passionate about food and flavors and I know my descriptions may sound a bit exaggerated, but bear with me….)

My first truffle was what they named “inner calm”. The dark chocolate was very rich and it had a slight taste of lavender and chamomile. The infusion was very subtle and was almost not there but if you sat there and focused on the taste, it was quite relaxing.

My second truffle was called “Harmonize”. It was dark chocolate with a mix of honey, organic crunchy peanut butter, and dark chocolate ganache in the center. When you bit into it, the mix of honey and peanut butter made a very creamy center and a great pairing with the extremely dark chocolate. When you bit through the dark chocolate shell, the mixture of flavors kind of melted in your mouth in a way. This one was probably my favorite among them all.

My mom’s first truffle was called “Italian Cowboy”. The dark chocolate was infused with bourbon and had bits of espresso in it. She gave me a small piece of it, which she regretted after tasting. It was killer! The mix bourbon and coffee was great and made an awesome flavor pairing.

Her second chocolate piece was called “Wellness Within”. It was in the shape of a heart and was infused with orange blossom. The orange flavor was a bit too subtle for my taste, but she seemed to like it. It  smelled a little orangey and floral and I loved it, but she appreciated the taste a bit more than I did.

This place is not where you would find a Hershey’s bar or some every day candy. This is the type of place where the chocolate is organic, the quality is high, and the price is about 2.50 a truffle. I enjoyed it and would definitely come back, but this is more of a date spot than a casual walk in to feed your sweet tooth. You have to appreciate it to enjoy it, or you will be thinking “Geez. I could get two candy bar for the price of this little piece of chocolate!”. But being an organic and dark chocolate kind of guy, I enjoyed it.

So if you appreciate really dark chocolate where a lot of effort was put into making it the quality that it is, then I would absolutely recommend this spot to you.

-Andrew D. Morrison-


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